Build your own universe on your own terms

Some cartoonists become popular by having jokes and gags, but the truly legendary ones create a private language, a set of characters, a set of expectations, a new world and a developed universe. 

Because they understand that when you create a universe that people can become a part of, it’s a lot harder for fans to switch when their next project comes out. 

I remembering listening to a panel of comic book creators discuss the details of their creative processes. Many of them said they had experienced trauma in their youth, either from addicted or abandoning parents, or from the pain of social isolation. But the advice from one of the artists was, take that chaos and use it to create a world

That was his therapy. That was his armor. He didn’t just draw pictures, he created a pirate ship. He built for himself and his fans a powerful little fortress, and together, they started building things inside of it. On their own terms. And people who resonate with their message are raising their hands to be a part of the belief. Nobody can take that away from them. 

That’s the indie ethos more artists are starting to uphold. They aren’t mired in somebody else’s reality map. They aren’t putting all their creative eggs in society’s baskets. And they certainly don’t expect the world to come to them any more. They build their own universe on their own terms. They develop a sense of self so complete that external influences no longer have any authority within their consciousness. 

Making doodles for people is only the beginning. 


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