Independent souls on our own piece of ground

For us rebels, it’s in our blood to resist being what others expect us to be. 

We don’t like taking what’s given to us. We react independently just to show that we won’t be ruled. We instinctively subvert obligations we find silly and boring. And we choose to do things as an expression of our identity and freedom. 

It’s a tough way to live, but a damn good way not to die. 

Unfortunately, the rebel personality becomes a liability when that individual is thrown into highly regulated cultures. 

Germany, for example, has an abundance of laws regulating all aspects of life, from beer to exercise to traffic to trash collection. These regulations emerged out of the ruins of war. In fact, ordnungsamt is the official title they gave to the governmental department responsible for this very function, the office of order. 

No wonder my first experience in that country was so infuriating. 

When you’re the kind of person who needs to satisfy their inner rebel and quench their desire for disruption and lawlessness, it can feel suffocating to be surrounded by so many rules. 

But the oxygen that carries the rebel through the experience is awareness and empathy. 

Trusting that these rules are not a personal affront to your core values. Trusting that you don’t have to stop being yourself. And trusting that your soul won’t disintegrate if you can’t break the rules for a week. 

Don’t worry. You can still be an independent soul on your own piece of ground, no matter how many signs are posted. 


What are the exceptions to the rules that helped you succeed?

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Scott Ginsberg

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