If everyone did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?

OK. I’ll give props to MySpace: it’s great for giving people a voice, connecting new and old friends, even helping upcoming bands/comedians/artists promote their work. On the other hand, most people who use it will admit: “Yeah, but it DOES get really addicting.”

Wouldn’t know. I don’t have a MySpace page. Although I have considered getting one. But for now I think I’ll just stick with good ol’ Blogger…AND my new favorite, Squidoo. It’s Seth’s new project, launched about a month ago. To me, it’s like MySpace, but for experts. The motto is, “Everyone’s an expert at something. Spread your ideas, make yourself known, and earn a royalty. What’s your topic?”

I set up my own lens, which took about 3 hours. It was a piece of cake. And when it was done, I thought to myself, “Man…every author, speaker, expert, blogger, entrepreneur and businessperson would be crazy NOT to do this!”

Now, unless this is your first time at HELLO, my name is Blog (if so, Welcome!) then I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’m big on creating one’s own philosophy, school of thought, point of view, etc. Which is why I think Squidoo is so cool. It gives ordinary businesspeople like you and me a chance to share our philosophies.

Of course, not everyone has a philosophy. At least, they don’t think they do. But my best friend, mentor and former 10th grade English teacher, William Jenkins, once asked me an extremely powerful question:

“Scott, if everybody did exactly what you said,
what would the world look like?”

If you can find the answer to that question, you’ve got your philosophy. And if you’ve got your philosophy, you’ve got your uniqueness. Then all you have to do is make sure each of your actions provides your customers with the tools they need to build that world.


If everybody did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?

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Scott Ginsberg
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