Idea not that good? Write it down ANYWAY.

PICTURE THIS: You’re on a road trip. It’s been several hours now. Almost there. Just a few more miles to go.

And that’s when it hits you. A killer idea. The thought of the day. Gold Jerry Gold!

OK, as soon as I get to my hotel, I’ll grab some stationary and get the idea down on paper, you think.

Twenty minutes later, you check in. You walk into the room. You throw down your bags, plop onto the bed and grab the notepad next to the phone…

OK, what was that idea I had in the car … um … let’s see … something about, um…?


It’s gone. You can’t remember. You sit there for ten minutes, scouring your brain for the idea from earlier, but to no avail.

Ah screw it, you finally say. If I couldn’t even remember when I got home, it couldn’t have been that good of an idea.


That, right there, is the fatal flaw of creativity.
That, right there, is where most people go wrong…

HERE’S THE REALITY: If you make an appraisal of your idea before it’s even written down, you’re assuming and operating on the assumption that “how good or bad an idea is” (especially in the early stages of that idea’s development) actually matters.

It doesn’t.

Good or bad means NOTHING.

Assigning value to your ideas before they’ve been brainstormed, explored and expanded is a creative block.

This causes you to fall victim to premature cognitive commitment, which prevents your idea from blossoming into its truest and strongest potential.

The idea isn’t “good.”
The idea isn’t “bad.”

The idea simply IS. That’s it. No adjectives allowed. So, stop judging. Stop evaluating. Stop appraising.

Write everything down, as soon as it enters into your brain. Don’t worry how amazing, how ridiculous or how insane the idea sounds, just get it down.

Because if you don’t write it down, it never happened.

How many of your ideas have you talked yourself out of?

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