I can’t believe I’m actually blogging about this…

I recently sat down to dinner with my girlfirend at the famous Forest Park Boathouse. As usual, we checked out the design of the sugar packets on the table.

<------And this is what we saw Ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to say something I never thought would end up in my blog: these are the coolest sugar packets I’ve ever seen!

Our sweet friends at Equal have created a perfect example of EVERYTHING I’ve been writing about in the past year:

Mundane into Memorable: it’s a damn sugar packet! Doesn’t get more mundane than that. But Equal decided to transform an ordinary confection into brand-breathing brilliance!

When was the last time you took home your sugar packet and showed it to your friends? Or blogged about it?

Do Something Cool: After I read the first few packets on my table, I started walking around to every other table in the restaraunt and stealing their sugar packets. (The other customers probably thought I was diabetic.) But these packets were so cool, I wanted to collect them all! Kind of like baseball cards or McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Have Fun: Try to visualize the marketing department of Equal, sitting around a board room table, brainstorming slogans like: Banish the Bland, In Favor of Flavor, Do Your Drink Justice, Embrace the Taste, In Taste We Trust, Power to the Packet! Come on. That’s freaking hilarious. It’s almost so ridiculous, it’s cool.

Remember when UPS started embracing their brand (echh! the color brown?) by asking customers, “What can brown do for you today?”

Same thing. Equal is becoming unforgettable and unique and cool and fun in an otherwise boring market where there is no discernable difference between competing products.

(Oh, and did I mention: it’s a damn sugar packet!?)

Sweet & Low? Regular sugar? Fughettaboudit!

I’m an Equal guy now.

Power to the Packet!

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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