The Human Front Porch: Man Sells Advertising on His Head

Andrew Fischer, 20, of Omaha, who put his forehead for sale on eBay as advertising space, received $37,375 on Friday to advertise the snoring remedy, SnoreStop.

Learn more about him on Human Ad Space. He’s sharing his brilliant business and culture decision with the world!

Here’s what he said on his ebay auction:

“In this age where media rules our wallets, we are buying whatever we are told is popular, and whatever is “in.” Some fool walks along the street with his pants down to his ankles, and at first everyone called him an idiot, but he just replies, “no, it’s cool” and then a week later you see a lot of people doing it. Then there are these girls who are wearing neckties, only they are about 50% tied, and this is also the “in look.” What am I getting at? Well, the truth is that regardless of whether or not others pick up on your new attempt to be cool, there is still one thing that you can always count on. People will always comment on something out of the ordinary.

So what if you could profit from this buzz? What if there was a person who automatically sparked conversation about your company without having to say a word? That already happens. A guy has a shirt with a sports logo on it. “Hey man you are a fan huh? Sweet!” Sure this happens, but what if you took your marketing plan to the next level? Next level you ask? Sure, what if you took your domain name and wrote it on somebody’s forehead? Well, that would just be… WEIRD! Exactly. People like weird. People would ask this person about it wherever he or she went. What if this person left it on for a month, or longer?”


What have you done to break out of the ordinary to encourage people to start conversations?

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