Are you a phone person, an email person or in-person person?

I recently stumbled across a website for consulting company on which the contact page said, “Whether you’re an email person or a phone person, it’s easy to get in touch with us!”

It was like music to my eyes.

According to this article from Online Publishing News, more than 80 per cent of business people prefer using email to telephone communication. No less than 74 per cent of respondents believed that being without email would present more of a hardship than being without a phone service.

Still, with so many options for communication, your customer might be an email person, a phone person or an in-person person (as silly as the last one sounds). So, when customers ask you, “How can I reach you?” try saying this:

“How CAN’T you reach me?!”

Tell them they can choose whatever medium they prefer, i.e., email, call, fax, snail mail or even leaving a post on your blog.

The problem is, people are hesitant to increase their approachability to this extreme. It threatens their “edge” or “mystique.” But by offering accessibility and openness through this type of front porch attitude, the ease with which people can reach you will make a monumental difference in their perception of your business.


Have you ever worked with someone who was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to reach?

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Scott Ginsberg
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