Behold! The world’s largest nametag

SUFFIELD, Ohio (AP) – Goodyear says it needs some help filling in the world’s largest nametag. The company is launching a nationwide contest to name its newest blimp.

A website will be ready to receive entries starting TODAY at noon. Ten finalists will be announced next month. And the name of the winner — to be picked in June — will be posted on a giant 18-foot-by-12-foot sign on the blimp. The name will fill in the blank on a nametag reading: “Hello My Name Is…”

(The Grand Prize Winner also gets “a day in the blimp.” Sweet.)

The names of the two active blimps in the Goodyear fleet are “Spirit of Goodyear” and “Spirit of America.” Goodyear says it’s looking for a “creative” name for its newest airship. That float will replace the “Stars and Stripes,” which crashed in June during a Florida storm.

CONTEST TIPS (from Goodyear’s website)
Be as creative as you’d like, but there are probably a few things you’ll want to avoid:

  • Don’t use inappropriate language or references
  • Don’t use the name of another company, brand or product
  • Don’t make the name too long. There are plenty of boxes for letters and words on the entry
  • Don’t be trendy – what might seem like a great name now may not be so good in the future

    Ideally, we will be looking for a name that is befitting one of America’s great icons and reflects the following elements:

  • The storied 80-year history and tradition of the Goodyear airship program
  • The grace and majesty of flight
  • The Goodyear airships’ long history of public service
  • Goodyear’s innovative personality, products, and progress

    Good Luck!


    What would you name the new Goodyear Blimp?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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