Holy people and their pious ejaculations

Addiction psychologists famously researched hundreds of case studies from various family members of workaholics. 

 One cool theme in their final profile was that spouses viewed their relationship as serious and intense with a minimum of carefree time and fun, and children believed their workaholic parents took work too seriously and lacked a sense of humor. 

 Does that sound like somebody you know? 

 Hell, it could be any one of us. 

 After all, workaholics don’t have a monopoly on taking themselves too seriously. We just do it better than anyone else. 

 But the lesson behind this is not about the abundance of hours, but the absence of humility. 

 For those of us who are nose to the grindstone every hour of every day, there are several things we fail to realize. 

 Nothing we do will affect the fate of humankind. 

 Nothing we don’t do will be the end of western civilization. 

 And yet, we can still make a full commitment without taking ourselves too seriously or subscribing to a murderous work ethic. 

 Reminds me of the great saying about the famed passenger liner:

 Titanic was so arrogant that it thought itself to be unsinkable. 

 Point being, it does takes humility to accept we’re not as unique and indispensable as we think, but it’s also profoundly freeing. Discovering that the world will not fall apart without our witty banter and expertise, what a tidal wave of relief.

Ah, the peace of a life wholly surrendered. It’s better than drugs.

If you want to create fewer unnecessary stressors and drastically decrease the pressure you put on yourself, let the virtue of humility triumph over you.

Acknowledge your relative insignificance.

In the words of my recovering workaholic pal, the biggest casualty of untreated addiction is perspective.


Where will you acquire the humility you need to balance your audacity? 


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