HELLO, my name is BE:99

1. BE afraid only of standing still.
2. BE regularly silly.
3. BE three moves ahead of everyone.
4. BE unexpected.
5. BE your own definition of success.
6. BE the first one.
7. BE the only one.
8. BE unforgettable.
9. BE remarkable.
10. BE ashes, not dust.
11. BE a sleeper.
12. BE so damn sure of yourself.
13. BE ready for anything.
14. BE the same wherever you go.
15. BE visually accountable.
16. BE the local ball of fire.
17. BE easy to get a hold of.
18. BE consistently consistent.
19. BE the new guy’s first friend.
20. BE completely original.
21. BE a great conversationalist.
22. BE an even greater listener.
23. BE willing to say, “Wait, I don’t know what that means.”
24. BE That Guy.
25. BE THE guy.
26. BE your own adjective.
27. BE willing to ask ridiculous questions.
28. BE open to making an idiot out of yourself.
29. BE the brand.
30. BE ubiquitous.
31. BE in front of your fans regularly.
32. BE transparent.
33. BE thick skinned.
34. BE heard from miles away.
35. BE unique, not different.
36. BE curious, not judgmental.
37. BE approachable, don’t work the room.
38. BE a sleeper.
39. BE a people collector.
40. BE a little crazy.
41. BE not ashamed by your art.
42. BE likable.
43. BE someone your friends can call at 2 AM.
44. BE the first one to show up.
45. BE the last one to leave.
46. BE really, really funny.
47. BE the best at what you do.
48. BE impossible to imitate.
49. BE nicer to waiters.
50. BE an engaging storyteller.
51. BE available for Q & A.
52. BE willing to find out what you suck at.
53. BE up for anything.
54. BE the only person smiling in traffic.
55. BE Googleable.
56. BE grounded.
57. BE ballsy.
58. BE cool.
59. BE up on the news.
60. BE a person OF character, not just a character.
61. BE a class act.
62. BE blatantly honest.
63. BE less predictable.
64. BE the greatest.
65. BE the shit.
66. BE the man.
67. BE partial to the faces of the wicked.
68. BE better than you used to be.
69. BE tired of complainers.
70. BE the only person singing.
71. BE nicer to the ducks.
72. BE like Bezos.
73. BE a master of something.
74. BE disgusted by smokers.
75. BE sorry less.
76. BE hard to sell.
77. BE beautiful daily.
78. BE better in concert.
79. BE back and on the attack.
80. BE a stickler for grammar.
81. BE alone daily.
82. BE the center of attention.
83. BE more patient at the airport.
84. BE slightly famous.
85. BE a sweetheart.
86. BE a better customer.
87. BE part of something cool.
88. BE a heartbreaker once.
89. BE crushed by a heartbreaker twice.
90. BE somebody’s mentor.
91. BE nobody’s bitch.
92. BE less bored.
93. BE quotable.
94. BE like that – FINE.
95. BE better at small talk.
96. BE radiantly healthy.
97. BE partial to redheads.
98. BE ten again.
99. BE brave or go home.

Which of these BE99’s are most relevant to you?

Make your own BE:99, BE:25 or BE:50. Have fun. Get creative. BE whatever you want. Post it here!

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