Adventures in Nametagging: Charlotte Style

Except for the enormous amounts of cigarette smoke that engulfed the city like a cloud (echh) Charlotte was awesome! As you look at this picture, you’re probably wondering: who are all those people sitting with THE Ryan Cameron?

That’s Jessica McDougall, Jeffrey Gitomer and yours truly.

We had a blast all weekend. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! Especially during our brief Miss Pac-Man Tourney, in which I schooled Gitomer and McDougall like the video prodigy that I am.

We also spent (probably too much) time checking out The Kid From Brooklyn, which might be my new favorite website.

I only have one thing to say: HEY STARBUCKS!!

The highlight of the weekend had to be watching the US Open of Table Tennis. Ryan and I stopped by the convention center to check out the festivities. And I have to say, it might have been one of the Top Ten Coolest Things I’ve Ever Done In My Life. When we checked in, they gave us our tournament badges – although I think they were the wrong ones!

We suited up in typical USTTA gear, hoping to fit right in with the crowd. Look closely and check out my paddle. (Excuse me, racquet.) Anyway, we donned our spiffy new badges and walked around the tournament area. Several kids approached us and kept asking us questions about the Ping Pong Robot, which was also extremely cool.

Then we had a seat at center court. I whipped out my camera to snap this picture. And as the flash went off, the entire match froze and everyone looked over at us. “NO FLASHES PLEASE!” yelled the judge. Then, 2006 US Open World Champion Alexander “Cheese Sandwich” Karakosovitch stared me down with his intense, Russian daggers. Gasp! I almost wet myself!

Finally, seeing as how Ryan was from Canada, we decided to have the North American Showdown to settle the argument once and for all: who is better at table tennis – Canada or US?

It was a long, painful match. Screams and grunts could be heard from afar.

Halfway through the match, I had to take a time out to regroup and replenish my fluids. After all, table tennis can be a violent, non-stop action sport.

I will say, however, that the US was victorious 2-0 against Canada. (Go America!)

All in all, the weekend was full of classic, one-of-a-kind experiences. Special thanks to all my new friends at BuyGitomer and TrainOne for making me laugh so hard. You guys ROCK!


What’s the best sporting event you’ve ever attended?

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