He who laughs, lasts

Carlin once said that when it came to attracting the right romantic partner, a good sense of humor always showed a mature way of being in the world, as opposed to some humorless person who may just explode and kill you and your children. 

Absurd, but true. 

He who laughs, lasts. 

That was one of the first traits I noticed in my wife. She had a laugh that made the whole world come alive. The kind of laugh that made other people laugh. The kind of laugh that made you want to tell jokes forever. 

And ever since we met, I stopped laughing small. Because life’s too short. If there’s something that I find funny, I’m going to laugh. Loudly. Regardless of the situation. I don’t care if laughing at something that’s provocative or controversial or morbid in front of other people means that I’m somehow complicit. Funny is funny. 

What’s more, it’s impossible to be at the mercy of something you’re willing to laugh at. Laughing is what allows you to disengage for a moment, take the power back into your own hands and stand up for joy. 

It’s the salve you put on the wound until you can get to a doctor. 

Besides, I don’t trust people who struggle to find humor in the world. Everything is a joke, if we think about it long and hard enough. We have to learn to laugh at the madness. 

Otherwise the insanity of the world will bring us so far down that we’ll never make it back up. 

Remember, suppressing humor is a formal declaration that joy is a crime. 

It’s a war against the soul. 


When are you unable to laugh at the world? 

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