Say yes to people’s joys

Everyone has a unique set of things that they obsesses over, live for and geek out on. 

And if we’re lucky enough to learn about this thing that sets someone on fire, our job is to respond with gas, not water. 

Because giving people the space they need to lock into their element, even if only for a brief moment, is a way of saying yes to their joys. It’s an act of love. 

What’s more, by letting people have their joys, we make them happy, which also makes us happy. It’s a circular transaction. We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own. 

Dementia care specialists who work at hospitals, senior communities and assisted living facilities are masters of this principle. In fact, there’s an industry term used to describe this kind of care. 

Join the journey. 

Meaning, the caregiver’s responsibility is to encourage the patient experiencing dementia to take whatever path they choose. 

Not to correct them if they misremember a memory from their past, but to support them in exploring their unique path fully. 

Not to steer them down a reality that they no longer see or understand, but to love and care for the person they’ve become. 

It’s what allows healthcare providers to deliver personalized care that enables their patients to live with meaning and enjoyment. 

They love people for who they are, in this moment. 

Whose journey do you need to join? Whose joy do you need to say yes to? 

Because in that divine moment when another person’s bliss is right around the corner, even it doesn’t fully make sense to you, it’s worth letting them have. 

Who are you to take that moment away from them? Who are you to rob them of that joy? 

Join their journey. Meet people where they are. 

And walk the path together. 


Are you genuinely committed to honoring other people’s realities?


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