Grasping onto his ankles as he headed toward heaven

Ellis, the founder of rational emotive behavior theory, reminds us that the assumed catastrophic quality of most potentially unpleasant events is almost invariably highly exaggerated. 

And that the worst thing about any event is our exaggerated belief in its horror, rather than anything intrinsically horrible about it. 

It reminds me of corporate layoffs. Especially the relationship between the those who have been let go, and those who are left standing. 

For the dearly departed, so to speak, in their futile grasping for salvation, scrambling to feel better immediately, they start projecting. Saying how relieved they are to have been relieved of their duty. Vomiting their fear and aggression onto those remaining about how hard it’s going to be and what an uphill battle they have ahead of them. 

That’s what people do when they feel sad, scared and small. They stop making a difference and start making themselves feel better. 

If you find yourself on the receiving end of that toxic shit storm, remember this.

Don’t let the bad guys find a narrow opening to bring you down for trivial reasons. Don’t spend time listening to people build a case that dramatizes the situation. Don’t allow people to exaggerate their sob story just to get more pity out of you. 

Wish them well, make yourself sick with sweet gratitude about your situation, and free yourself from the pull of negative energy and get back to work. 

Trusting that it’s better to think the best of the situation and be occasionally disappointed, then to walk around with your guard up all the time. 


How will you inoculate yourself against people whose lives are a montage of crises bookended by catastrophes?

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Scott Ginsberg

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