Good will, good practice and good business

We make our world smaller every time we say no. 

Which isn’t to say we should agree to every request that comes our way. Certain opportunities simply aren’t worth the risk and effort we would need to put into them. But when it comes to the chance to act like a professional, to do what we do in the way that only we can do it, we should say yes. It’s good will, good practice and good business. 

And so, if a client asks us to do something, even if it’s not really our job, but it would help them be more successful, we should do it. If a colleague asks us to volunteer, and we know that we will learn enough through the experience to consider it part of our education, we should do it. If a friend asks for our help, giving us an opportunity to solve a problem in a way that makes them glad they know us, we should do it. If a prospect invites us to showcase our talent, and there’s a high likelihood of converting that trust into income down the road, we should do it. 

The key is creating a personal filter. A decision making framework that evaluates the asset value of a potential new opportunity. I recently launched a web based software application that does just that. 

Opportunity Junkie allows you to consider the creative, existential, strategic and financial implications of saying yes to a new project, relationship or experience. It’s a reminder that opportunity never stops knocking, we just stop listening. And that feeling fully alive is always on the other side of yes.


When was the last time you say no to the chance to act like a professional?


For a copy of the list called, “123 Questions Every Marketer Must Ask,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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