Be famous to the family

I was listening to an interview with a veteran professional wrestler, who summarized his industry in a fascinating way. Paul said, if you’re not into it, no explanation will do it justice, but if you are into it, no explanation is necessary. 

It’s a perfect example of a product that isn’t afraid to polarize. A product that’s not wasting time trying to cater to the people who don’t get the joke. 

Standup comedians talk about this all the time. After a certain number of years putting in the nights under the lights, they accept the fact that not everybody in the audience is going to laugh. It’s part of the job description. You can’t please all the people all the time. 

And so, instead of scanning the room for the one schmuck who isn’t having fun and working overtime to manipulate him into laughing, the comedian simply invites the audience to laugh at what he finds funny. And if forty percent of them miss the joke, too bad. If people paid twenty bucks to sit there with their arms crossed, waiting for the monkey to dance, that’s their problem. 

I’m reminded of something my grandfather used to say. If everybody loves your brand, you’re doing something wrong. That’s the goal. Not to become slightly famous to everybody, but to become profoundly connected to somebody. 

It’s one of the great realizations of building a brand. You don’t need that many people to believe in you. 

Be famous to the family. Everybody else can go to hell. 


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