Get people to want you to come do things for them

Your overarching business goal is actually quite simple.

Get people to want you to come do things for them. 

Let’s unpack the strategy behind each of the key words in that sentence. 

First, get, meaning earning attention and trust through the delivery of unique value. 

Second, people, meaning opening yourself to broad audiences in multiple spheres. 

Third, want, meaning creating enough good in the world that the market targets you. 

Fourth, you, meaning what you’re known for, what you’re known as and what you’re known for knowing. 

Fifth, to come, meaning the mere access to your brainpower is worth money. 

Sixth, do things, meaning the dissemination of your expertise into diverse avenues. 

And finally, for them, meaning the impact of their ownership of your value improves their condition. 

Get people to want you to come do things for them. That’s the goal. And when they finally do, here’s the appropriate chain of action. 

Tell them you’ve been expecting their call. Express your gratitude for the opportunity. Raise your hand for the job. State your fee confidently. Ask for the sale. Book the gig. Make it laughable the amount of time you put in. Show up early. Be amazing. Make them miss you in their past. Make them regret not meeting you sooner. Train them to delegate certain chunks of their thinking to you. Finish the work. Express your gratitude again. Get the rest of the money. Then go to back work getting them to want you to come do even more things for them. 


Is what you’re doing right now consistent with your number one goal?


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