Interrupt the worry stream with wonder

Learning how to relate to money in a better way can be as simple as changing the way you talk to yourself. 

For years, anytime I found myself with less money that I needed, I would start to worry to myself, crap, my bank account is dramatically low. But that kind of thought wasn’t serving me. I needed to eliminate the behaviors that stopped the flow of positive energy. I needed to give my mind a better technology. One that demonstrated my intention to create abundance. 

And so, I started reframing my worry as wonderment. Anytime I experienced tension around the money issue, I would wonder to myself, okay, how can I always have plenty of money to do all the things I want to do? 

That kind of thought changed everything. Whereas worrying invited heaviness and anxiety and tension and exhaustion, since it’s a survival and security mindset; wondering activated lightness and imagination and problem solving and peacefulness, since it’s an abundance and possibility mindset. 

Now, while this mental shift didn’t magically change the amount of money in my bank account, what it did do was help clear a path in my mind to help me move forward towards prosperity. It helped me relate to money in a better way. 

And so, next time you find yourself worrying about money, try wondering about it instead. Ask yourself big questions with absolutely sincerity and openness, and then allow life itself to become a living answer to them. 


What might happen if you stopped the worry stream and introduced a wonder question?


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