Gentle opportunities to observe possible flaws in our own thinking

Lundholm is a former criminal, mental patient and homeless alcoholic uses stand up comedy to help addicts thrive in recovery. 

One of his most well known mantras is, first thought wrong. 

It pertains to individuals suffering with the disease of addiction and their impulsive mindset. The people who rarely take the time to filter through their thoughts that lead to inappropriate responses and behaviors. 

The theory is that recovery is not the absence of bad thinking, rather, the ability to navigate through it with grace. 

If addict follows their first thought, it will get them into trouble. 

But if they learn to take notice, take pause and take alternative action, they can move towards healthier living. 

Even if takes them an hour or a day or week to get to the thought that’s right, the addict’s first thought, properly filtered, can eventually become the next right thing. 

What I love about this practice is, it’s all about forgiveness. It’s about not beating yourself up for having impulsive thoughts, but simply noticing that you’re having them, and then trusting that in the sacred space between, you can locate the healthier ones. 

What’s more, it isn’t exclusive to addicts. All of us could use gentle opportunities to observe possible flaws in our own thinking. 

As my therapist once said, anytime a person uses a concrete life situation to let go of their impulsive and unhealthy thoughts, that’s a meditation. 


What’s your mantra for navigating through your thoughts with grace?

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