The best way to enjoy the game is to remember that it is one

I recently met the coach of the women’s national soccer team. 

He made an interesting point about player behavior. 

He said that the women loved to beat the other teams, no doubt about it. But the fiercest competition was internal. 

“They’re not just playing for the win, they’re playing to keep their spot on the lineup,” he said

It’s a helpful kick in the ass for anyone working towards a goal. Because whatever game we’re playing, the competition is always multifaceted. There are always peripheral opponents. Everything competes with everything for a chance to earn attention and deliver value. 

It’s us against ourselves, us against others, us against the resistance, and of course, us against the clock. 

Rocky said it best while training his young boxing apprentice. 

Time takes everybody out. It’s undefeated. 

Which can be scary as hell. Like you’re playing some bizarre game with an opponent who never sleeps, keeps switching sides and changes the rules without warning. 

But the good news is, when you’re scared, that’s a good sign. It means you have skin in the game. It means you’re locked into an activity that makes you feel engaged and tested and stretched. 

And so, play your heart out. Be as in the game as anyone can be. Enjoy the game by remembering that it is one. Know that every time you learn something about the game, you learn something new about yourself. And trust that if you stay in the game long enough, your rewards will far outweigh your frustrations. 

But don’t get complacent. 

Because the moment you get too eased into the game you’re playing is the moment you’ll miss the chance to score big. 


Who is your biggest competition right now?

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