Today Scott Celebrates 2000 Days Wearing a Nametag!

It seems like a lifetime ago that I left that on-campus seminar at Miami University and decided to leave on my nametag for one day, just to see what happened.

I say “lifetime” because in the past six years, I’ve undergone more changes and more experiences than I could ever dream of. And after 2000 days straight of wearing a nametag 24-7, 37,000+ encounters, 3 books, 100+ speeches, 80+ articles and a full blown career as an entrepreneur, here are some of my favorite moments, lessons and memories…

Favorite People I’ve Met While Wearing A Nametag
I’d say it’s a tie between Ira the Squirrel Man, The Hugging Bellman, The Pick Up Artist, The Windy City Wench and Don’t Mess with Texas, Part 2

Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Done While Wearing a Nametag
I once tried to use my brother’s fake ID to get into a bar. The bouncer looked at the license and asked, “So, Steve, why does your nametag say ‘Scott’? Woops.

Strangest Reaction to Wearing a Nametag
I still don’t understand how she thought I was on American Idol.

Most Embarrassing Moment While Wearing a Nametag
Even though I HATE strip clubs, I once went to Diamond Cabaret for a bachelor party. (I would have objected but I was the only sober driver.) Anyway, some guy came up to me at 4 AM and said, “Hey Scott! I really enjoyed your speech at my company the other day!” I’ve never been back, nor will I ever go back.

Most Frustrating Moment While Wearing a Nametag
One time before stepping on stage to give a speech, I was introduced as “Seth” Ginsberg. Boy, you’re really not paying attention when you screw that up!

Favorite Accomplishment While Wearing a Nametag
I don’t know what I’m more proud of: writing a quiz on approachability for Cosmo or getting inducted into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Best Thing About Wearing a Nametag
Sigmund Freud says that “a person’s name is the single context of memory most apt to be forgotten.” Fortunately, nobody ever has to worry about forgetting mine; which I’m sure it’s a nice relief, albeit a small one.

Worst Thing About Wearing a Nametag
I’ve ruined a lot of my shirts.

Favorite Day While Wearing a Nametag
I gotta go with November 2, 2005. It was my five year anniversary. I celebrated by getting a nametag tattooed on my chest.

Best Christmas Gift Related to Wearing a Nametag
Thanks, Santa. And by Santa I mean MACO.

Favorite Traveling Adventure While Wearing a Nametag
The best chocolate and cheese from the world’s most neutral country.

Most Ironic Moment While Wearing a Nametag
I guess you had to be there.

* * * *
2000 days. Wow. And you know, it’s funny; a lot of audience members ask me, “Scott, can you believe all that’s happened to you in the past 2000 days?”

My answer is…

…YES. After all, if I didn’t believe, none of this would have happened.

Here’s to the next 2000!


Am I out of my mind or what!?

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag


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