Expect nothing and anything feels like everything.

Spezzano’s brilliant rendition on romantic love makes the critical point that without expectations, anything can be a gift. 

But if we have a picture of how the world should be, our expectation tends to make us feel oppressed. Because we’re relying on something outside of ourselves to make up for what’s missing in our lives. 

The more we expect, the less we are able to receive and be satisfied.

And the irony, he writes, is that the closer we get to this thing that we think will set us free, the more resistance we feel to having it, because of all the increasing demands we place on ourselves. 

Sound like a like a lot of work? 

It is. 

Take it from someone who has an advanced degree in expectation. White knuckling the world is bloody exhausting. What’s more, people can smell it like a fart in a car. 

That’s what happens when all of our precious little hungers are clamoring for attention. We create a halo of desperation around ourselves. 

Hell, I’ve probably showed up for a hundred pitch meetings and job interviews over the years, the results of which I wanted so desperately, I could scream. 

And yet, I never ended up winning any of those jobs. Because when you want something too much, it’s never there. 

You’re too busy and driven to be able to receive. 


When was the last time you hugged something so much that you suffocated it?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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