Sadness about what you used to settle for

There’s nothing more embarrassing than the last phase you went through. 

Like that two year period in your early twenties when you wore nothing but thrift store tshirts and sandals with socks.

But that’s how the human heart works. We love to judge ourselves about our past. There’s that protective part of our personality that thinks:

Oh my god, if people only knew who I used to be, they would never love me. 

It’s like you want to apologize to everyone you met before you were thirty. 

But like most anxiety, it’s all just a mirage inside our heads. And the good news, we don’t have to be enslaved by the story of our past. We don’t have to cast sad and longing glances at what used to be. 

As a tarot reader friend of mine once said:

We are who we decide to move forward as, not what we have done in the past. 

And so, if we can  own every minute of our history, nobody can touch us. Nobody can take away the person we became in the process. Say it with me. 

I choose to forgive my past broken self and be proud of the current one. 

I choose to release my grip on my history and open my hand to receive the future. 

I choose to make my education greater than my experience. 

I choose to view the past a series of lessons that will advance me to higher levels of loving. 


How much of your life are you spending being bedeviled by your past? 

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Scott Ginsberg

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