Every interaction is a relationship

LHM, one my longtime clients is a hospitality management company. They run a chain of seventeen hotels spread all around the city, all of which require their employees to wear nametags, of course.

But the best part about their uniform policy is, none of the nametags indicate job titles. Or positions. Or rank within the organization. Just names. And maybe a fun fact or a favorite food or a hidden talent or the hometown of the employee. 

But nothing more.. Because the company’s mission is personalized, humanized service. Vales before vocation. Person before profession. Identity before industry. 

What’s interesting is, these core principles are extended to the guests as well. Employees are trained to connect with them on as many levels as they possibly can, even beyond their computerized matrix of preferences presented as their essence. They truly know their customers. They’re masters of making them feel at home, even when they’re thousands of miles away. And they understand that every interaction is a relationship, regardless of how long it lasts. 

Because they’re still relating to the other person. 

From a few seconds on the front drive to a week long stay over the holiday, it’s just another chance to make guests feel less alone in the world. That’s why people keep coming back. That’s why their secret shopper scores are off the charts. That’s why online reviews are overwhelmingly positive. And that’s why their employees stay with the company for ten, twenty, sometimes thirty years. 

The nametag is merely a symbol. Not just a badge of honor, but a badge of humanity. 


How much longer can your company afford to be immune to ordinary human connection?

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