Every dog has its day of judgment

End times are not a matter of if, but when.

And the moment god chimes the armageddon bell, you need a way to protect the future of those left behind.

That’s why my new business idea is to launch an eschatological insurance company that will send policy holders notifications in the event of the rapture. If you are non responsive, our agents will deploy an end times care team to look after your pets, non believing loved ones, personal effects and house plants. Remember, every dog has its day of judgment.

Do you think my business will get off the ground?

Probably not.

Maybe we’ll get some clients in a few small towns. But securing angel investors isn’t going to be easy.

Because this whole business model has one problem. It’s completely based on the future.

Which is quite possibly the most abstract, dynamic and bizarre idea of which human beings can possibly conceive.

Just think about how many physicists, philosophers, psychologists, religious leaders, science fiction writers and artists have extensively explored the concept of the future.

Hell, we’re incorrectly predicted the apocalypse over three hundred times. Turns out, we human beings are notoriously lousy at predicting what’s going to happen.

And yet, the number of brain cells dedicated to the future on any given day is astounding. Particularly in the business word.

Setting goals, making predictions, having expectations, writing plans, hitting numbers, forecasting outcomes, modeling scenarios, all of these activities have one thing in common.

The future.

And it kind of makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. We’re all terrified of death, so we scramble to control the future at every possibility.

But is focusing on the future really doing us any good? We don’t need yet another thing to take us away from the only thing we have, which is right now.

Life looms darkly enough.

What goal do you need to let go of?


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