Don’t take the easy way out

Some people are defined by what they hate rather than what they like.

They are creatures who gain power, status, authority and applause by putting things down. Believing that anyone who expresses joy is either deluded, misinformed or just plain stupid.

The problem with this approach to interpersonal relations is, negativity has an extremely short lived half life. It’s easier and more satisfying in the moment to connect with other people over negativity, venting, or blame, but it’s not a sustainable long term strategy.

Do the math. Before you jump into a conversation and start commentating about how awful everything is, ask yourself:

Is it honestly worth putting aside your own peace of mind and potential for joy to feel this negative feeling?

It’s certainly cleansing to share the weight and lay your cross down, and everyone should have people to do that with. But that can’t be the only point of connect between you and the world.

There is a reverberant joy in this life that is available to all of us, and it requires that we step into the vulnerability of hope.

Roark delivers his impassioned speech about this principle towards the end of my favorite novel:

You must learn not to be afraid of the world. You must find your own way. You’ll win, because you’ve chosen the hardest way of fighting for your freedom.

How much life are you giving your negativity? Just how dominant are you allowing it to get?

Don’t take the easy way out. Negativity is easy to find, easy to dispense and even easier to rally people around.

And resisting the pull of that force is no easy task. But soiling every conversation with shit doesn’t have lasting value.

It’s like feeding your relationships with sugar. It’s tempting and delicious and feels good emotionally at the start, however within twenty minutes, you’ve got a headache and you’re ready for a nap.

If you want to be someone others want to be around, trust that carrying negative thoughts is not worth the disturbance and loss of serenity, and reach for joy instead.

Will you help spread the virus of negative commentary, or will your attitude be the antidote?


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