Don’t say you don’t know

What three words do your customers NEVER want to hear?

“I don’t know.”

If you’re a front line employee, you are the face of your company.

If you’re a call center operator, you are the voice of your company.

As such, you must project an aura of competence, confidence and resourcefulness. That’s what approachable service is all about!

So, even if you don’t really know the answer to a customer question, never let ‘em see (or hear) you sweat.

Instead, try saying the following Phrases That Payses:

“Great question! I’m not exactly sure, so let me ask someone who DOES know.”

This response works for several reasons:

IT REFRAMES. The customer is upset. Frustrated. Looking for answers. So, by immediately countering with a positive, even complimentary response, you reframe the context of the dialogue. He or she starts to feel reassured right away! All because you’ve laid a foundation of positivity and approachability.

IT LOOSENS THE BLOW. By stating that you’re “not exactly” sure, you come off as more competent and confident. Much better than, “I have no idea!” After all, your credibility is on the line. The front line!

IT VOCALIZES COMMITMENT. It’s OK to not know everything. But it’s also OK to tell a customer that his question is important enough that you will go out of your way to find the answer. See, without this display of commitment, you’re toast. Because customers only give you (and your company) credit for that which they SEE and HEAR you do consistently. And consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness.

Ultimately, your job as a front line employee; call center operator or PDX rep is not only to provide approachable service, but to CHANGE PEOPLE’S MINDS.

About their problem.
About your company.
About your level of service.
About YOU as an individual!

So, next time you get stumped by a tricky customer question, just remember: customers want answers. Solutions. First call resolutions! And even if you’re not exactly sure what those are, that doesn’t mean you can’t respond in a confident, competent and approachable manner.

What do you say when you don’t know?

Post your Phrases That Payses here!

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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