Do as I say (AND) as I do

Next time someone says to you, “Do as I say, not as I do…”

A red flag should go up.

Think about it.

This person is willfully admitting that his words and actions are not consistent.

Which represents a deficiency in character.

My mentor Bill Jenkins always reminded me, “Character is the degree to which your words and actions are congruent.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! 100%

Also, William Shakespeare once said that action is eloquence.

Absolutely! Totally! You bet! Possibly the three most brilliant words ever uttered.

So, in light of what Bill #1 and Bill #2 said, here are two additional points to ponder:

1. People don’t give you credit for what they HEAR you SAY consistently. They only give you credit for what they SEE you DO consistently.

2. Practice orthopraxy, not orthodoxy. It’s the difference between the correct ACTIONS and the correct BELIEFS. In short: practices, not principles. So, instead of practicing what you preach, preaching what you practice. It’s more authentic, more believable, more persuasive, more approachable and more eloquent.

Ultimately, your challenge is to develop the consistency and character to be able to say the following sentence…

“Do as I say (AND) as I do.”

Because when you’re consistent with your words and actions, those two things will become one in the same.

Are you telling people to do as you SAY or do as you DO?

Keep a running log of how many times people say this sentence. Then ask yourself how it makes you feel. Then ask yourself if you’d want others to feel that way about you.

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
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