Be child-LIKE, not child-ISH

Everyone loves kids.

Because kids are fun and creative and positive and playful.

Which makes them approachable.

And what’s cool is, any time an adult comes in contact with a kid, those attributes transfer. Even the biggest, toughest, most polished executive will stop in their tracks, bend down and say, “Where’s your nose? I got your nose!”

So, if children are approachable (and as a result, everyone loves being around them) doesn’t it just make sense to act the same way?

Not so fast, kiddo.

THE CHALLENGE: maintain a balance between being childish and childlike.

See, child-ISH means, “juvenile, immature, irresponsible and foolish.”

But child-LIKE means “innocent, pure, candid and simple.”

(Not to mention fun, creative and super happy!)

If you want to boost your approachability TODAY, consider these two ideas for becoming more childlike:

1. Observe. It’s amazing to just sit back at marvel at the creativity, positivity and simplicity of kids. Not to mention learn a few lessons on the way!

TRY THIS: once a month, spend at least thirty minutes hanging around a group of kids. From birthday parties to classrooms to kickball fields, take the opportunity to surround yourself with them. Oh, and make sure to bring a little notepad with you too. Jot down the Top Ten Business Lessons you learned while observing the group. Then email those to your customers the next day.

2. Celebrate. Kids love to make a big deal out of little things. For example, imagine you’re in fourth grade. It’s Wednesday and the cafeteria has tater tots. What would you say to your friends? Probably something like, “Sweet!” or “Woo hoo!” or “Yessssss!”

NOTE: you’re not too old to say stuff like that! Those expressions are perfect ways to express excitement and positivity, even in the most mundane situations. And they’re attractive to other people. So, next time you make a sale, receive an exciting email or accomplish one of your goals, celebrate! Exclaim, “I did it!” “I’m the man!” “Yesssss!” Everyone in the room will smile. Including you.

ONE FINAL NOTE: the last reason acting child-LIKE (not child-ISH) is so approachable is because it’s contagious.

One person’s playful spirit brings out the same in another. So, by acting child-LIKE, you subconsciously give other people PERMISSION to the same.

I challenge you to start becoming more childlike today. Remember to observe AND celebrate, and you’ll be one step closer to getting them to come to you.

Come on. Do it for the kids.

(For more was to escape adulthood, ask my friends Jason and Kim. They’re the experts!)

Are you child-LIKE or child-ISH?

Share your two best kiddy-attributes here!

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