The coolest retail store I’ve seen in five years

When I was speaking in DC a few weeks ago, I spent a few hours cruising around Georgetown.

This particular store caught my eye. At first I walked right past it. But when my nose twitched from the sweet aroma of bath products, I stopped, started laughing and thought, wait a minute…what did that sign say?”

Upon closer inspection, here’s what I saw:

Ok. That’s just cool. So cool that I walked inside, found the manager and asked, “Your store is awesome! Do you have a card?”

Of course they did. I learned that Lush has been around since the late seventies, although their first official shop opened in 1994. Today they have 370+ shops around the world and also operate mail order businesses from the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Taiwan and the United States.

They hand-make the cosmetics in UK, Italy, Canada, South America and Japan (in their own production facilities) so that every product available in their shops or sent to you by mail is as fresh as it can possibly be. Why? Because fresh products work better and use fewer preservatives.

Their aim is to have the youngest, freshest products in the history of cosmetics.

* * * *
Lush’s version of being that guy is “Those Hand-Made Soap People.” They also own a word (maybe it’s happy, soap, hand-made, or lush).

Great stuff.


When was the last time a cool storefront made you stop and walk in the door (when you normally would’ve kept walking)?

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
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