Burn the Moment into People’s Brains

Don’t hand it over, deliver it.

Whether you’re submitting a proposal, responding to a
complaint, making a statement, giving an answer or telling a story, any time
you can bring surprise and delight and love to the interactions that make up
your day, it’s worthwhile.

The servers at Sidney Street Café don’t just give you the menu,
they perform it.

Each of their items, from apps to sides to desserts, are
perfectly memorized by the server and delivered with more showmanship, more
care and more excitement than any restaurant you’ve ever been to.

And that’s why they’re always on the short list of best
restaurants in the city.

Because we live in an experience economy, and if you’re not
willing to invest a little effort in the art of showmanship, if you don’t
deliver things in a way that people would be happy to have repeated, you’ll
never burn the moment into people’s brains. 


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