Are People Taking An Interest In What You Believe In?

It’s one thing to give tours of your office.

But the big question, the ultimate compliment in disguise
is, have other companies taken an interest in what you believe in?

A riverboat casino in East St. Louis, who believes that
health trumps all, provides the convenience of an onsite medical clinic. Free
consultations, free medications, free disease management support groups, for
every employee, and their families, forever.

And ten years into their innovative program, Dr. Ken Rybicki,
as the primary care doctor, says that
other companies are starting to
take an interest. They’re starting to model their own healthcare programs after
the Queen’s.

Not just to emulate the casino’s brand, but to echo the
casino’s belief.

Instead of the casino selling the world on the quality of their springs;
they simply give others the chance to jump on the trampoline with them.

How many people are interested in what you believe in?


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