Building A Business From The Inside Out

Most people have a business they need to build a brand for.

I had brand I needed to build a business for.

This was never my intention. I never made a formal decision
to approach my enterprise in this manner. But ten years into it, I’m now starting
to realize how much more lucrative it is to work from the inside out, as
opposed to the outside in.

When we start with who we are and what we love – then let
everything flow from there – the work we do is truer. When we start with the
why behind our idea – not the how of who is going to buy it – the work we do is

I was never stopped by not knowing how. I was simply sparked
by knowing why, and sustained by knowing who. And although I never had a plan,
I always had a process.

Now, I’m just getting paid to be myself.

Now, because it’s impossible to fail at self-expression,
because nobody can criticize a life that belongs to me, nobody can tell me that
I’m doing it wrong.

Not a bad way to build a business.


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