Buddha is not your brand manager

Apatow receives widespread criticism for making comedies that are tool long. 

Viewers and critics alike argue that most of his films could be cut down by about thirty to forty minutes a piece. 

And yet, the director couldn’t care less about people’s opinions. Because he’s the writer, director and producer of his films, and he can do whatever he wants. He answers only to himself. In fact, he explained the reasoning behind the length of his films during a recent interview. Judd said:

My movies are a just version of creative hoarding. They’re so long because I can’t let anything go. 

That’s inspiring to me. Here’s an artist who’s honest about his emotional attachment to his work. A man who openly admits his unwillingness to discard what he’s created. 

It’s a reminder that there’s no attachment police that’s going to put us under arrest for clinging to something that’s important to us. We’re adults. We can do whatever we want. 

Buddha famously said that the root of suffering is attachment, but he’s not our brand manager. That’s canonical literature, not creative law. It’s a paragon of virtue beyond where any of us really live. 

Non attachment is a fine idea, but it’s also one of those ideas with a halo around it, something that is an undisputed good. 

Don’t let the world convince you that less is always more. Sometimes more is more. Cling to whatever you want. Pruning is for gardeners.


What’s your favorite strategy for trapping yourself into doing your own thinking?


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