Nature’s broad theatre of business influence

Farmers know that all ground needs
occasional change and invigoration to becoming fertile. 

That’s why they
invented crop rotation. It balances soil fertility, avoids diseases, blocks
pests, increases organic matter content, decreases weed stress, keeps the farms
under continuous production and ultimately provides the land with fallow time
to enrich it with real rest. 

What’s interesting is when you look at the business
applications of this concept. Because in the new economy, the pendulum has
swung back to its hunter gatherer origins. 

Now we’re all farmers. We’re all diversified portfolio workers. We’re all
building careers on individual small holdings of land. We’re all collecting
lots of eggs in lots of baskets. 

Which means, crop rotation has never been more
important. And if we’re not willing to let the land go fallow from time to
time, we can become vulnerable to breakdown, burnout and in some cases,

Musicians experience their own version of crop rotation. They transition
out of compositional mode and into performance mode, where the goal isn’t to
create new songs, but to master the songs they’ve already written. 

And that’s
challenging. Because sometimes when you’re on stage, all you can think about is
getting back into the studio. Or vice versa. 

The point is, you accept both
modalities. Not as contradictions, but opposites that need to be balanced

You rotate the crops in service of the sustainability of the land.
You do what needs to be done to keep the farm under continuous production. 


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