Breathe Rarified Air Into People’s Lives

Thought leadership is not an accident.

If you want to position yourself as a person worth paying
attention to, you have to bring some original magic to the table. Fearlessly
giving your gifts to the world,breathing rarified air into people’s lives,
through every piece of content you publish.

Start by having a
stance on why the world doesn’t make sense.
Take time each day to rant
about the injustice of the world. Start by doing so privately. Use dissatisfaction
as your ember of initiative. Then, make it worth publishing by attaching practical
suggestions to pessimistic thoughts. Otherwise you’re just complaining.

Continue by infusing a
modern sensibility into a classic context.
Show your audience something
they might reject instantly, but then tell them to look behind it. Build a
beautiful reminder of what could be,still capture the universal human
experiences we all share, and you’ll thrill people’s imaginations forever.

Accentuate by making
passion palpable and recurrent.
When you see something and can’t wait to
share it, don’t hold back. Through your online messaging, insist that a whole
new world is bursting forth and everyone everywhere can be a part of it. That’s
how you equip people to spot the new story with their own eyes.

That’s thought leadership, and it’s not an accident.

Because it’s one thing to have something to say.

It’s another to just have to say something.


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