FastPitch: Internetworking at its finest

FastPitch is a online networking company that helps you develop a clear, concise summary about your business which can be easily understood by thousands of professionals eager to do business with you.

Often called the ‘Business Resume,” the Fast Pitch! Profile summarizes important aspects of your business allowing you to “cut to the chase” and tell people exactly what you have to offer.(Thanks for the link Phil.)

It’s pretty cool. Not sure how effective it’s going to be, but I just signed up for the heck of it to see what it’s all about. Here are some of the offerings:

1) Create your online profile
2) Tell the world about your business
3) Join the growing FastPitch community
4) Pitch your Business online during free “events” with other professionals
5) Google your pitch and market your profile to the world
6) Email your pitch with “no-nonsense” advertising to the Fast Pitch Nation


What’s your favorite technique for Internetworking?

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