Become a Founding Member of Prolific for only $1/month (for life!)

To start the Personal Creativity Management revolution, we’re only opening Prolific to 100 people (71 slots already taken!). It’s now open to the public with an exclusive cohort of unique Founding Member slots.

The cost is one dollar a month, for life.

As beta users of our software platform:

*You get lifetime access to the app with no restrictions.

*You can use the full version of our platform, and every new feature we introduced down the line, forever.

*You will participate in feedback sessions to share input on how to make the product better so it can help you more

*You are grandfathered in through this exclusive offering and will join a cohort of beta users to help us get the product ready for an official public launch several months later.

Want to snag one of the first 100 48 29 spots? Learn more here.

But don’t take my word for it. Hear what Kelly, a Training Manager from Nestle Purina, has to say about PCM:

“Prolific is fantastic, and exactly the kind of open curriculum that the world needs more of!”

P.S. You can try Prolific for free right now. Access any of our 300+ tools up to five times each month. Enjoy!


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