Be (somewhat) predictable, part 2

I got an eye-opening instant message yesterday:

“Hey Scott … after I watched your segment on 20/20 last night, I went online to check out your website. I didn’t know what your URL was, so I just guessed it and typed in Sure enough, I was right! Way to make it easy!”

The funny thing is, my total on-air time was only 2:43.

And I didn’t even mentioned my website.

Which means one of two things:

1. Either that guy was a really good guesser,
2. Or my brand was just THAT predictable.

My vote goes for #2.

So. What about you?

o If you had a three-minute conversation about your business, would the other person be able to guess your company’s URL in one try?

o If you delivered a three-minute speech about your business, would the audience members be able to guess your company’s URL in one try?

o If you did a three-minute interview about your business, would the viewers be able to guess your company’s URL in one try?

I hope so.

Because people are impatient.

According to Wikipedia, the human attention span is about 15 seconds.

According to the Washington Post, the amount of delay time web users are willing to tolerate is 8 seconds.

So, they need to get it in one try.

LESSON LEARNED: be (somewhat) predictable.

Here’s another example.

Last year I was giving a speech to a group of salespeople. When it was over, the emcee returned to the stage. When the applause died down, he said this:

“By the way, if anyone would like to learn more about Scott’s books and training programs, you can just go to his website. In fact, I’ll give you guys ONE guess what his website address is…”

In laughing unison, 300 people yelled out, “Hello-my-name-is-Scott-dot-com!”


LESSON LEARNED: Make it really, really easy. And obvious. And simple.

Be (somewhat) predictable.

(Read part 1 of this post here.)

Are you (somewhat) predictable?

List three behaviors your clients could probably predict about you here!

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