Adventures in Nametagging: Bread, Air & Chicks

“Acts of friendliness in moments of anonymity.”

That’s why I wear a nametag:

To invite people to join me, to remind the world that face to face is making a comeback and to create spontaneous moments of authentic human interaction infused with a spirit of humor, playfulness and connection.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a nametag is worth a thousand stories.

Here are my most recent adventures:*DAY 3,851: Today at the farmer’s market, a man selling bread said, “Hey Scott this loaf has your name on it!” I told him I was on a low carb diet. He said, “Yeah, but how often do you encounter Scott Bread?” Touché. I bought four loaves.

*DAY 3,853: Today as I exited the plane, the flight attendant said, “Scott, you can take your nametag off now. We know who you are.” Well that’s a relief. Just when I thought Delta didn’t care about their passengers.

*DAY 3,854: Today while waiting in line for a slice of pizza an older woman said, “Scott you must really like nametags, huh?” I told her chicks dig them. She replied, “Well then, may you meet many chicks tonight.” What a lovely gesture. I didn’t.

What was your best nametag related adventure?

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