A temporary world where you can act with total commitment

It’s no surprise that people are terrified of commitment. 

Taking the plunge implies vulnerability, loss of control, risk of failure and the death of other choices. What not to dislike? 

But the one thing nobody tells us is, commitment is the most underrated success strategy on the planet. And the other thing nobody tells us is, any form of total commitment, no matter how big or small, raises the stakes tremendously. Because the mindset and the posture required to commit creates a gravitational field that draws good things towards you. 

And so, regardless of where we are in the journey, it’s always valuable to train that muscle. 

Mihaly’s book on the psychology of optimal experience offers a brilliant suggestion. He encourages his students to create a temporary world where they can act with total commitment. A genuine venue with a low threat level that allows them to take calculated risks. A real life, real time experience that gets that commitment muscle quivering and veiny and oiled up. 

I have a friend who dreamed of starting his own restaurant. But he didn’t have the time, money or energy to do it. And so, he applied to sell his shrimp bisque at the local farmer’s market. The fee was nominal, the time investment was minimal, and the overall experience was meaningful. There was zero downside. Selling at the market gave him a sense of what it would feel like to start his own restaurant, albeit on a smaller scale. 

Just a taste of full commitment to raise the stakes tremendously. 


How could you create a temporary world where you can act with total commitment?


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