A field in which your freedom of thought will not be limited

I once had a human resources manager tell me that she was honestly
worried to hire me. 

Not because I was under qualified or the wrong personality,
but because she thought I’d feel confined by the large, corporate environment.
She said I seemed too talented for that. 

It was an interesting compliment. On
one hand, her words were like a shot of confidence to the arm. I felt assured
about my abilities. On the other hand, it was a painful realization for me to
swallow. Because apparently, no matter how much talent and commitment and
energy and optimism a person brings to the table, most companies don’t need a
creative visionary. They need a sheep to fill a hole. 

That’s the sad reality of
the organizational world. People’s primary job function is not getting fired.
Boat rockers and whistle blowers and rule changers and trouble makers need not

Companies say they value innovation and creativity, but only if
they can still use a command and control management style to curtail its
superficial expression. 

Companies say they want breakthrough ideas, but
most of them simply make incremental improvements on existing products. 

Companies say they encourage new thinking, but what they really want is
to keep stakeholders happy, show allegiance to the chief, avoid conflict and go
with the flow. 

All the more reason to hire yourself. To start your own company.
And to create a field in which you can be sure your freedom of thought will not
be limited. Because the only thing more dangerous than an idea is the culture
that refuses to cultivate it. 


What are you doing to set your creativity on fire right now?


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