Trusting the totality of your experience

Rogers was one of the founding fathers of psychology research and the
pioneer of client centered therapy. In his best known book, which he wrote over fifty years ago, he outlined his professional
trajectory as a psychology. 

Rogers said that he was best when he could let the
flow of his experience carry him, in a direction which appeared to be forward,
toward goals of which he was but dimly unaware. And he always had the feeling
that if he was given some opportunity to do the thing he was most interested in
doing, everything else would somehow take care of itself. 

It’s not exactly the
most data driven career planning strategy. But not everything can be
comfortably quantified. Not every human activity can be measured. The
touchstone of validity is our own experience. 

As my surgeon friend once said,
when it’s your heart, you don’t have to convince people that you can’t live
without it. Because although we operate out of the need to control of their
environment and actions, and although we have a native desire to label,
organize and make sense of our world, some things can’t be proved by objective

Like the commonly used business phrase,if you can’t measure it,
it doesn’t matter.

Bullshit. What can’t be measured, matters.It is the unquantifiable component of the
human repertoire that has the biggest impact on the people around us. 

And so,
as you consider your professional trajectory, don’t get too caught up in goals
and destinations and metrics and end games. Focus on a career that allows you
make use of everything you are. Focus on work that engages as many of your
skills as you can. 

And trust to totality of your experience to carry you where
you need to go.


Are you working by instincts or by integers?


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