A constantly moving happiness machine obsessed with irrelevant objects

I feel
brutalized by popular culture. 

Every day of my life, I’m bombarded with
reminders that my better self is waiting in the wings. Pressured with an
overwhelming sense of urgency that I’m one purchase away from happiness.
Interrupted by the lure of expensive objects that are supposed to be plausible
solutions to needs that I don’t even understand. 

Because apparently, I will
feel better about myself once I’ve acquired these products. 

charlatanic industries that take advantage of consumer confusion by linking
mass produced goods to unconscious human desires. You’ve officially transformed
me into a constantly moving happiness machine obsessed with irrelevant objects
disguised as powerful emotional symbols. 

Mission accomplished. 

Carlin was right
when he said that it’s all one big lullaby, since the whole purpose of
advertising is to lull us to sleep. 

The worst part, of course, is that it works.
Quite well, in fact. Advertising might not exist to make us buy a product right
away, but it still embeds subtle impressions that drive sales later. 

What other
explanation do we have for the fact that advertising is a half a trillion
dollar industry? Why else is the biggest sporting event of the year
affectionately referred to as four hours of commercials interrupted by a
football game? 

Advertisers know exactly what they’re doing. And that’s fine.
For the first time in my life, I’ve given up fighting the unwinnable marketing
war. I’ve ended my attempts to stick a pin in every advertisement that I see, hoping
to drain it of its power to affect my behavior. 

Because there’s no point in
trying to scrub life clean of it. As long as there are human beings walking the
earth, there will be advertisements to interrupt their stride. 

And so, I’m just
going to try and enjoy it. 

Let the twinkling membrane of commercial messages
brutalize away. 


Have you embraced your place as part of the bewildered herd?

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