The best sleeping pill on the market

Millions of people battle insomnia night after night. 

And the causes are varied. Sometimes it’s a legitimate medical problem, sometimes it’s a sleep disorder, and sometimes it’s a combination of unhealthy bedtime rituals that interfere with quality rest.

I have a friend who struggles with sleep on semi regular basis. And although he’d prefer to blame the tiredness on some mysterious and uncontrollable condition he’s been stricken with, he knows that’s just a way of abdicating responsibility. 

Because more often than not, his inability to sleep is tied to an obvious and temporary cause like emotional distress or psychological burden. In fact, the mantra he uses is:

Insomnia is revenge for all the stuff you haven’t given enough thought. 

Which may or may not be true, but it doesn’t matter because making that assumption becomes an invitation to process his thoughts and emotions fully. 

Instead of counting cracks in the ceiling, he grabs his journal and follows his feelings to the other side and metabolizes them into a richer understanding of the world. 

That’s the best sleeping pill on the market, he says. 

Not letting go of his thoughts, but meeting them with kindness and curiosity and friendliness so they let go of him. 


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