A bunch of weirdos makes a family

When you’re the kind of person who thinks
differently and carves their own path and opts out of the mainstream culture
and makes personal choices that fly in the face of conventional wisdom, it’s
important to create spaces to remind yourself that you’re not insane. 

surround yourself with other likeminded and like hearted weirdos who don’t make
you feel like an outcast for being who you are. 

Home, after all, isn’t where
you live, it’s where you’re understood. 

It’s where you feel seen and heard and
felt and got. 

It’s where you walk in the door and they know what to do with

It’s where people embrace all the little quirks that the rest of the world
makes you feel insecure about. 

It’s where you never have to think to yourself,
I would be better off somewhere else. 

Portland was the first city to make me
feel this way. I relocated there after I graduated college to start my
publishing company. 

And it was the strangest sensation. Because although I
didn’t have the language for those emotions at the time, something about that
place just made me feel, well, normal. 

For the first time in my life. I
looked around and thought to myself, I found my people. 

And not because of a
demographic, but because of a disposition. That’s the thing about belonging. If
you’re willing to search for it, you can find it everywhere. 

Because it has
nothing to do with geography and everything to do with biography. 

If reminds
you that you’re not insane, it’s home. 


Do you remember the first time you found the place where you could finally let out a deep breath that you had no idea you were holding?


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