Wear the weight of your individuality lightly

I believe in a few things. 

that our greatest currency in this world is our originality. 

Two, that it
is morally incumbent upon us to live up to our uniqueness. 

Because frankly, I’m
trying to get someplace rarified, not just execute mediocrity. That’s how I’m
wired. I’m the kind of person whose individuality defines him. 

I have an innate
need to stand in opposition to the world and assert my distinctiveness and
chart a course that differentiates me from others and reject the conventions of
the masses. 

Of course, I also understand that this posture of chronic
uniqueness comes at a great emotional and existential cost. And so:

I accept
that I will be forever burdened by the pulsing energy and fierce need to be

I accept that I will feel lonely and unappreciated when my efforts
aren’t recognized. 

I accept that I will have anxiety dreams about not having my
voice heard. 

I accept that I will never compete for and win the standard badges
of success. 

I accept that my disgust with the low hanging fruit will ultimately
make the journey to success slower and harder. 

I accept that I will compare
myself to people who wouldn’t know talent if it sat on their face. 

I accept
that I will bring an unshackled spirit to everything I do. 

I accept that I
will ignite my spirit of opposition to the detriment of my own emotional

This is who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. It’s who I’ll always

But instead of trying to swim against that current, I’m simply going to let
the water carry me. 


Are you wearing the weight of your individuality lightly?


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Author. Speaker. Strategist. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. Gameshow Host. World Record Holder. I also wear a nametag 24-7. Even to bed.
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