8 Ways to Make Your Telephone Personality More Attractive

1. May I ask who’s calling?
a. Is it unique?
b. Is it unexpected?
c. Does it build pre-call excitement and curiosity?
d. Does it make the entire office laugh when they hear it over the PA system?

2. Greeting/Answer
a. Is it short?
b. Is it simple?
c. Is it engaging?
d. Is it memorable?

3. Note Taking
a. Are letting callers know you’re taking notes?
b. Are you reading back from your notes to demonstrate listening?
c. Are you emailing the other person a summary of your notes after the conversation is over?

4. Questions
a. Are they unexpected?
b. Are they open-ended?
c. Are they thought provoking?
d. Are they the same questions every other person asks?
e. Do you have a running list of your best questions for each situation?

5. Growing Bigger Ears
a. Are you listening twice as much as you talk?
b. Are you only interrupting for clarification or elaboration?
c. Are you pausing after questions and answers to make space?
d. Are you being emotional objective, non-judgmental and calm?

6. Before We Go
a. Did you cover everything?
b. Did you set the next appointment?
c. Did you ask if there were any other questions?
d. Did you give the other person a Call to Action?
e. Did you make sure you accomplished the objective of your call?

7. Exit Line
a. Is it memorable?
b. Is it brand consistent?
c. Is it boring and expected?
d. Does it reinforce your value?
e. Does it leave a lasting impression?

8. Voicemail
a. Is it fun.
b.Is it short?
c. Is it engaging?
d. Does it deliver value?
e. Does it encourage callers to share?
f. Is it just like every other voicemail you’ve ever heard?

What makes your telephone personality attractive?

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