8 Things That Are Overrated

1. Answers are overrated. Questions are better. Questions are smarter. Questions create more movement in your brain. The problem with answers is that once you (think) you’ve found one, you immediately stop questioning. And once you’ve stopped questioning, you’ve stopped learning. Are you more concerned with answers or questions?

2. Comfort zones are overrated. You have ZERO business in your comfort zone. How dare you! How DARE you. If you want to learn, grow, expand and evolve, you need to stick yourself out there. Out yourself in positions and situations that make you sweat, shake and scared. Every day. How did you scare yourself yesterday?

3. Feedback is overrated. Especially when it comes from losers. Trash the evaluations. Learn to trust your inner judge. Decide for yourself how well you did and let rest go. All it will do is bring you down, annoy you and depress you. Whose words are you allowing to make you second-guess yourself?

4. Inspiration is overrated. If you only create when you’re inspired, your body of work will NOT be smokin’ hot. Inspiration comes unannounced. You need to make ideas come to you, whether you’re in the mood or not. You need to get into a daily routine that enlists your Muse and invites creativity no matte what. How are you supplementing inspiration with perspiration?

5. Paraphrasing is overrated. Instead of all those tried, obvious and insincere active listening techniques that do nothing besides make people THINK you’re a good listener, try actually repeating the exact words they said. It’s respectful and smart. Are you really listening or just trying to look like a good listener?

6. Plans are overrated. Just go. Don’t be stopped by not knowing how. You’ll figure out the How later. For now, just get started. Just go. More Planning = Less Executing. Stop talking your ideas into the ground and go do something. What paralyzes your ability to execute?

7. Talent is overrated. It only gets you about 1/16 of the way there. The rest is supplemental. The rest is hard work. Talent isn’t worth JACK unless it’s supported by commitment, creativity and consistency; discipline, determination and desire. What do you have going for you besides your innate skills?

8. Well-roundedness is overrated. Find a niche and OWN it. Pick a lane. The narrower the better. Find the ONE thing you do better than anyone in the world, then just do that all the time. Either (1) Ignore or (2) Get someone else to do everything else. What consumes your time but doesn’t make you ANY money?

What do you think is overrated?

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