7 reasons (excuses) for NOT writing

1. DISCIPLINE: But I can’t just sit down and write!
According to bestselling blogging book Naked Conversations, 50% of all business blogs are abandoned in the first two months. Now, while it’s easy to attribute this trend to a variety of factors, let’s face it: it boils down to a lack of discipline. Blog or no blog.

WRITE THIS WAY: get a writing accountability partner. Every Friday, send each other a copy of what you wrote that week. If someone doesn’t do it, she buys lunch.

2. TIME: But I’m so busy!
You don’t need to sit in front of your laptop and pound away for hours at a time. If you spend 15 minutes a day, every day, for six months, you’ll have accumulated the equivalent of a 250-page book. Besides, if writing is the basis of all wealth, are you telling yourself that you don’t have 15 minutes a day to become wealthier?!

WRITE THIS WAY: chunk it down. Small victories first. Let your content accumulate.

3. CONFIDENCE: But who would want to read MY stuff?
So, you think your writing is no good, huh? Well, with an attitude like that, it probably isn’t getting any better! It may sound easier said than done, but if you want to become a better writer, you just gotta write more.

WRITE THIS WAY: start an anonymous blog. Let your guard down and allow your brilliance to flow. It’s easier when nobody knows it’s you! Write something every day for a month. See how people respond. You’ll be surprised. There’s always gonna be someone who likes what you have to say!

4. PLATFORM: But I don’t have anywhere to share my writing!
It used to be difficult to find an outlet to share your writing with the world. Letters to the editor or the occasional query letter were your only hope. But now with the amazing things you can do with the Internet, everyone has a voice. Everyone has a platform.

With blogs, ezines, online articles, message boards, social networking sites and the like. It’s impossible NOT to have a platform!

WRITE THIS WAY: go to Ezine Articles, create a free account, and post one article every month. I triple dog dare you.

5. INTEREST: But I don’t like writing!
So, you don’t LIKE writing, huh? That’s cool. I’m not saying you have to like it. But no matter what business you’re in, everyone is a writer. Writing is the basis of all wealth, as my mentor Mr. Gitomer says.

WRITE THIS WAY: stop telling yourself “I’m not a writer.” You are. And you rock. Share it.

6. SELF-UNDERSTANDING: But I don’t know how to get into the groove!
You need to discover your perfect writing “territory,” aka, the environment in which your brilliance flows best. Maybe it’s on a laptop on the beach. Maybe late at night in the basement. Maybe in the mountains. Maybe on the plane coming home from a conference. Locate your territory and return to it regularly.

WRITE THIS WAY: try one new writing territory every week. See what works.

7. ORGANIZATION: But I don’t have any good ideas!
No worries. Start keeping a notepad in your pocket, car, purse, in your office and by your bed. Every time you get an idea, jot it down. Keep a running list of potential topics to address. But be sure to always have it with you – inspiration comes unannounced. And if you don’t write it down, it NEVER happened.

REMEMBR: writing is an extension of thinking. So if you’re running out of ideas things to write about, you’re probably not thinking enough!

ALSO REMEMBER: you probably DO have lots of great ideas; you’re just not capturing them. And that which goes unrecorded goes unmemorable. Just write now and organize later. It’ll come together when it’s ready.

LASTLY REMEMBER: Thomas Edison carried a 200-page notebook wherever he went, just for ideas. At the end of his life, he’d filled up more than 3,400. He also had more patents than any person in history. Coincidence?

WRITE THIS WAY: get yourself a jotter. Best 10 bucks you’ll ever spend.

What’s your excuse for not writing?

How did YOU come out of your creative funk?

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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